• New! Easy Sunday

    Blackcurrant Lemon Basil

    Buy now for your chance to be in with a chance of winning a holiday to Lisbon, in partnership with The Vintage Lisbon, and boutique travel company, Nemo.

    How to enter:

    • Buy Easy Sunday.
    • Fill in a 2 min feedback form via a QR code only accessible on the can. 

    That’s it! You’ll be entered into a draw to win a holiday to Lisbon, see where you could be staying here.

    * Please note, due to very limited stock this product is only available to buy in 3 packs.

    • Fresh blackcurrant, a twist of lemon & a touch of basil. This is a punch born of kicking back, switching off & letting the world slow down for a moment.
    • All-natural, low calorie, vegan, gluten-free, plastic-free 

    Vitamin D keeps your immune system rolling with the punches - but for 1/2 the year, sunlight alone won’t cut it. That’s why we’ve charged every can of Punchy with 200 IU vitamin D (50% RI) - just enough to give a balanced diet an extra boost.

    A burst of fresh Blackcurrant, with subtle hints of Lemon, rounded off with a touch of Basil. To serve - Drink me straight from the can or serve me over ice with mint leaves to garnish. Looking to make things more punchy? Try with your favorite vodka or gin


    Meet New! Easy Sunday

    A drink for easy mornings, for throwing your curtains wide, kicking back, switching off and taking the scenic route. Because life tastes that much better when you stop for a moment and drink it all in.

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    FROM uk

    In the production of blackcurrant juice, the aromatic extract that occurs as a by-product often slips through the cracks. It makes more sense to make the most of it.


    FROM sicily

    High quality Sicilian Lemons that don’t make it onto supermarket shelves can be steam distilled for their lip-smacking essential oil.


    FROM egypt

    Capturing that peppery fresh basil flavour involves a process of steam distillation that draws out the sun-kissed goodness hidden within plump leaves.


    Get acquainted with this perfectly charming arrangement of all-natural ingredients, bringing together Sicilian Lemon, Egyptian Basil and Blackcurrants grown in the UK.

    Carbonated Water, Fruit Juices from Concentrate (Black Carrot, Lemon, Blackcurrant), Natural Flavourings, Acid; Tartaric Acid, British Blackcurrant Extract, Sugar, Natural Italian Lemon Flavouring, Basil Extract

    Better for you,
    and easier on
    the planet.

    All natural

    Low calorie

    Vegan friendly

    Gluten free

    200 IU Vitamin D