• Holiday Romance

    Peach Ginger & Chai


    • Juicy peach with hot ginger & fragrant chai. This is a punch born of furtive glances, fleeting romance & skinny dips to remember.
    • All natural, low sugar, low calorie, vegan, gluten free, plastic free. 


    • Carbonated water, Sugar, Ginger root infusion, Natural flavouring, Acid; citric acid, Peach flavouring, Chai spice extract, Colour; plain caramel, Sweetener; sleviol glycosides, Acacia gum, Glycerol esters of wood rosins.

    Vitamin D keeps your immune system rolling with the punches - but for 1/2 the year, sunlight alone won’t cut it. That’s why we’ve charged every can of Punchy with 200 IU vitamin D (50% RI) - just enough to give a balanced diet an extra boost.

    A subtle sweet hit of juicy peach at the front, followed up by heat from the ginger towards the back, rounded off by fragrant chai adding depth of flavour. Lovely. To serve - Drink me straight from the can or serve me over ice with a slice of lime. Looking to make things more punchy? Try with your favourite rum or vodka.


    Meet Holiday Romance

    A drink to remind you of those memories. The furtive glances. 
The heat of the moment. The sand. So much sand. Sand everywhere.

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    FROM italy

    Squeezing the juice from Italian peaches produces a concentrated aromatic extract that often goes to waste. Not on our watch.


    FROM sri lanka

    We get a kick from Sri Lankan ginger, delivering a charming, peppery bite that’s perfect for warming things up.


    FROM China, Indonesia, Jamaica, Guatemala

    Keemun Black Tea from China, Indonesian cinnamon, Jamaican allspice and sun-dried Guatemalan cardamom capsules are graded for quality before being gently brewed for 24 hours and distilled to balance the sweet and spicy flavours of warm chai.


    Get a taste for our sun-drenched aromatics; Italian Peach, Sri Lankan Ginger, and Chai from a combination of Chinese Keemun Black Tea brewed gently with Cardamom, Cinnamon and Allspice from Guatemala, Indonesia and Jamaica.

    Carbonated Water, Italian Peach Extract, Acid: Citric Acid, Sri Lankan, Ginger Extract, Colour; Caramel, Natural Flavourings, Sugar, Sweetener; Steviol Glycosides, Vitamin D (200 UI, 50% RI).

    Better for you,
    and easier on
    the planet.

    All natural

    Low calorie

    Vegan friendly

    Gluten free

    200 IU VITAMIN D

    Low sugar