You may think of punch as a booze-laced communal drink from the proverbial flowing bowl, but there’s a new product on the market that is challenging both these notions – Punchy, an RTD that comes in at 0% or 4% abv.

Punchy Drinks is the brain child of Paddy Cavanagh-Butler, a 24 year old entrepreneur who understands the future of the booze industry isn’t as firmly entrenched in hard liquor as we might all think.

Playing into the increasingly health-conscious and diet-wary market, Punchy is still very much a traditional punch. It uses five flavours, including ginger and peach, and according to Cavanagh-Butler, consumers are struggling to tell the difference between the boozy and the boozeless versions, thanks to the natural rum flavouring in the 0% option.

‘We’re moving away from the sugary, heavy style of drinks normally associated with rum and the Caribbean, and instead moving towards healthier products,’ he told Imbibe.

Punchy’s website further backs this up, saying it’s a product for ‘vegans, non-drinkers, drinkers and only-drink-on-the-weekenders’.

The brand is soft launching this summer, but Cavanagh-Butler has his sights set on bigger things for the brand and is currently in negotiations with Selfridges and will be exhibiting the RTDs at Imbibe Live.

Punchy Drinks Ltd