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UK – Drinks start-up Punchy has launched the first spiced rum punch that is available in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic variants.

One version of the ready-to-drink product has an alcohol content of 4% abv, just below the average alcohol percentage of most ciders and beers. Alternatively, for those seeking alcohol substitutes, the drink is also on sale at 0% abv.

With the alcohol industry continually evolving, entrepreneur Paddy Cavanagh-Butler recognised the need to adapt the traditional sugar-heavy Caribbean spirit to provide a healthier option for today’s consumers. As well as appealing to vegans, the punch contains just 20kcal for the 0% abv drink and 46kcal for the 4% abv drink. Enriched with peach and ginger, the product doesn’t compromise on flavour and offers lower sugar content than traditional Caribbean drinks. At 4.4g per 100ml, the products pass under the sugar tax threshold.

Punchy will be sold at Farmdrop, an ethical grocer, and Light Drinks, which specialises in low-calorie, alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks.

Punchy Drinks Ltd