“Be Punchy, With or Without Alcohol” is the bold and beautiful tagline for this innovative brand. The approach they’ve taken to creating drinks is reflective of our attitude towards the mindful drinking scene – it’s not about hating on alcohol, it’s about creating choice, inclusivity, and positivity for those who want to stop drinking or be more mindful in how much they consume. Punchy has created a mouth-watering peach and ginger spiced-rum punch in two strengths – a 4% (which won’t be at our festival) and a 0% version (which will be at our festival), to cater for the non-drinkers and moderate drinkers alike, which is also low-calorie, low-sugar, vegan-friendly and gluten-free. A pretty solid all-rounder, leaving no-one to feel like they’re missing out.

How to serve: In a long glass or jar, over ice, with the garnish of your choice (mint, peach, lime or apple are all good choices.)

This article originally appeared on CLUB SODA.

Punchy Drinks Ltd