Punchy Drinks' 0%-abv and 4%-abv RTD Spiced Rum Punch 

Category - Non-alcoholic drinks, rum punch

Available - From 19 October

Location - UK, Selfridges

Price - GBP 3.50 (US$4.60) for 4% abv, GBP 2.50 for 0%, per 25cl bottle

A new UK drinks company has launched a rum RTD that comes in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions.

Punchy Drinks' Punchy Spiced Rum Punch is available as both a 0%-abv and 4%-abv option. Founder Paddy Cavanagh-Butler said the drink is "the answer for a new generation of health-conscious consumers".

The range is flavoured with peach, ginger, chai spices, soda and either premium rum for the alcoholic version or rum flavouring for the 0% line.

Cavanagh-Butler continued: "Punchy is one of the first drinks brands to promote moderation, by giving people a fun tasty choice for when their drinking or not. Punch is a classic drink that brings people together we've simply modernised and redefined it."

Punchy's Spiced Rum Punch range is available to buy in 25cl bottles in London's Selfridges.

This article originally appeared on JUST DRINKS.

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