the best things in life take you on an adventure.

We make drinks to take you places.

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We think good taste means 
more than sugary, eco-destructive and boring drinks.

We sulked about it for a bit, and then we started making our own - mixing concoctions at home that conjured up good times with friends. We went hunting for the best ingredients we could find and combined them to evoke stories and characters that would take us to special places with good vibrations. The punches we made were for every occasion, for little lifts and effortless afternoons.

We refused to cut corners, which means our drinks are all-natural, low sugar, low calorie and served in plastic-free packaging.

To make sure we’re serving positive vibes through and through, we sought out charities who are working to protect the world and people in it, 
and we pledged to donate a percentage of our 
sales to help them fight the good fight.

let’s get back to the good times.

Our delicious soft drinks pack a flavourful punch and a dash of adventure, garnished with a slice of sustainable living and the people we love. Punchy stands for taking a sip and taking it easy.