• First Dip

    Cucumber Yuzu Rosemary


    • Zingy yuzu with refreshing cucumber & a hint of rosemary. A drink born of sun-kissed days, leisurely lounging & that refreshing first dip of the day.
    • All natural, low sugar, low calorie, vegan, gluten free. 

    Vitamin D keeps your immune system rolling with the punches - but for 1/2 the year, sunlight alone won’t cut it. That’s why we’ve charged every can of Punchy with 200 IU vitamin D (50% RI) - just enough to give a balanced diet an extra boost.

    A lead of fresh cucumber, followed by a big hit of citrus from the yuzu, rounded off with green notes from the rosemary. Super refreshing. To serve - Drink me straight from the can or serve me over ice with with a sprig of rosemary. Looking to make things more punchy? Try with your favourite vodka, gin, or tequila.

    pure shores

    Meet First Dip

    The ultimate companion to a 
sun-baked lounger, a cool dip in crystal waters, or a commuter train from Woking.

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    FROM germany

    The irresistibly crisp flavour of cucumber is captured through 
a gentle process of distillation 
in water and alcohol.


    FROM spain

    This bumpy citrus fruit is of East Asian origin, although now grown in other countries - we grow ours beneath the Spanish sun before extracting the essential oils through steam distillation.


    FROM spain

    This Mediterranean extract is rich in antioxidants with antimicrobial qualities, so it can actually be used as a preservative in foods. We’re just using it for flavour.


    It’s easy to take a shine to this bright collection of all-natural ingredients; a sparkling conversation between Spanish Yuzu and Rosemary, with cucumber from Germany.

    Carbonated water, German Cucumber Extract, Spanish Yuzu Extract, Natural Flavourings, Acid; Citric Acid, Antioxidant; Ascorbic Acid, Sugar, Sweetener; Steviol Glycosides, Coloring Food (concentrate of safflower and lemon), Natural Rosemary Flavouring, Vitamin D (200 UI, 50% RI)

    Better for you,
    and easier on
    the planet.

    All natural

    Low calorie

    Vegan friendly

    Gluten free

    200 IU Vitamin D

    Low sugar