Officially Carbon Neutral!

Read more Officially Carbon Neutral! | 07.02.2023

Officially Carbon Neutral!

We’re proud as punch to officially be a carbon neutral company!

From sourcing our ingredients and manufacturing our aluminum cans, to delivering punchy to your ice-filled glass, we’ve counted all of the carbon emissions we release into the atmosphere and together with Climate Partner, we’re investing in offsetting projects that save carbon throughout the world.

There’s a long way to go, but as a proud B Corp, we’re committed to being better and holding ourselves accountable.

What does carbon neutral mean?

Becoming carbon neutral means we’ve done the maths. A lot of maths. To calculate our carbon emissions and figure out how much we need to compensate for what we produce via carbon offsetting projects.

Offsetting carbon emissions, in addition to avoidance and reduction, is an important step in holistic climate action. And one we weren’t willing to cut corners on.

How much carbon are we offsetting?

For those who like numbers, punchy has offset a whopping 287,000kg of CO2 through the project below.

What offsetting projects do we support?

We currently support a wind energy project in South Africa, harnessing the region's wind energy potential to balance its energy needs in a sustainable way - which would otherwise have been generated by fossil fuels. 

On top of the environmental benefits, the project also assists the local community by creating jobs and improving the infrastructure. 

We’re not an impact business but we want to have an impact. And this milestone takes us one step closer.


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