Fresh new photography |  punchy x Film by Loulou

Read more Fresh new photography | punchy x Film by Loulou | 13.11.2023

Fresh new photography | punchy x Film by Loulou

Upgraded cans means updated photography. So, we called upon our good friend and talented photographer, Loulou, to help bring our new matte cans to life.

We've been huge fans of Loulou's work for a while now and it captures moments that punchy's flavour profiles aspire to create. From leisurely lounging on the beach, to sunsets with friends, every image enables your mind to escape to the sunshine.

Tell us about yourself

Hi! I’m Loulou, and I’m a photographer focused mainly on analog photography. I am currently based in Lisbon, but grew up in Ibiza and am originally from Amsterdam.

My usual photography always includes some part of nature. Growing up on an island where nature is really cared for and preserved well, it has always been important for me to incorporate that into my work somehow. I absolutely love shooting landscapes, and whenever I shoot products I like to use natural backdrops. My absolute favourite time of day to shoot is golden hour / sunset, and my favourite subjects are my friends. My camera has become invisible to them after all these years, so I always have the most natural results with them.

Why was Ibiza the perfect setting for punchy?

To me, punchy is such a happy, bright and sunny product that it just felt like an ideal fit with Ibiza’s summer beauty. All three punchy flavours matched so perfectly with different aspects of the island, from the pool to the sea and the burning sun, they each had a perfect setting in their own way, yet also worked perfectly together with the natural backdrops.

Who is your biggest creative inspiration and why?

To be honest, I’m constantly inspired by what I see around me, which is one of the only reasons that I love social media; it’s just an endless source of inspiration. Some photographers that I have always looked up to are Brydie Mack, Henrik Purienne and Pierrot. The way they play with and manipulate the light and grain on film is just astonishing every single time.

Any tips for someone wanting to get into photography?

Don’t think about it too much, don’t try to find the best equipment or get too technical, and just get out there and have fun. I get so many questions daily about what camera or film I’m using, and truthfully it doesn’t matter. My first camera was a crappy 40 pound Pentax I found at a flea market in London, and I absolutely loved it for years. It wasn’t until I’d learned everything I could from that camera that I decided to invest in something else. At the end of the day, the most important thing is your eye, find what you think is interesting and just explore how to play around with that!

Where is your favourite spot to drink a punchy?

At the beach - hands down. I love bringing my little cooler, packing it full of punchy and ice, and sharing a cold drink with my friends, toes in the sand and sun on my skin.

Best song to drink a punchy to?

Love this question - I think Back on 74 by Jungle is such a fun, bubbly tune - that feels like a perfect combination with punchy.


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