Meet Monwar

Read more Meet Monwar | 02.08.2022

Meet Monwar

As part of our Liquid Summer relaunch, we entasked 3 of our favourite photographers to capture content.

We gave them one flavour to focus on each, along with an open brief to go out and capture what they felt was the essence of that flavour. 

Safe to say, all of them smashed it, and to celebrate their amazing work we wanted to showcase them as creatives and delve a bit deeper into their thinking.

We spent a bit of time with them after the shoot to understand how they approached it... 


You were shooting Golden Hour what were you trying to capture in your images? 

Fun, spontaneous, out of the box, good vibes by the coast.

Where did you choose to do your punchy shoot and why?

I shot some of the project at home to create that MTV cribs mood with the fridge shots which I was super excited about. If only we could have a separate Punchy fridge in the house! I then played around with some hard flash scenes in the garden to create contrast, texture and give an overall playful aspect to the images. The second half of the shoot took me to Broadstairs beach at 6am before all the tourists arrived to get those soft golden sandy shots.

Who is your biggest creative inspiration and why?

One of my biggest creative inspo is a dude called Willem Verbeeck, a photographer / youtuber. He shoots mainly medium format and his composition and thought process behind his images are just insane! Plus his youtube videos are very calming. Defo go and check him out @willemverb

What is your favourite book and why?

I’m not really a book reader, being dyslexic makes books hard work! I do however love creative magazines or anything about food. Asma Khan’s cookbooks are a current favourite. She’s a f*cking G!

What's your favourite spot to drink a punchy?

On the beach, with a few mates and a bottle of rum to pour into the cans to make them a little more punchy!

Best song to drink a punchy to?

Joesef - Thinking of you. This track, volume on high, suns out, punchy in hand and it’s gonna be a good day! 


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